Discover the Best Central Vacuums for Sale: Models and Features for Every Home


When it comes to finding effective and efficient home cleaning solutions, central vacuum systems stand out for their convenience and superior cleaning capabilities. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum system, understanding what’s available and identifying the best “central vacuums for sale” can seem daunting. This article will guide you through some of the top models from Drainvac, helping you make an informed decision that suits your home’s needs.

Why Choose a Central Vacuum System?

Central vacuum systems offer numerous benefits over traditional vacuums, including more powerful suction, larger dirt capacity, and less noise during operation. Additionally, they contribute to a healthier living environment by effectively removing dirt, dust, and allergens from your home and expelling them outside the living area. With a central vacuum, you can enjoy a cleaner home with fewer hassles and maintenance.

Top Models of Central Vacuums for Sale

1. Drainvac Viper Central Vacuum System
Perfect for both residential and commercial use, the Drainvac Viper boasts 860 air watts of power and features a cleaning radius of up to 50 feet. It offers a choice between 4 or 9-gallon capacities and operates either bagged or bagless, depending on your preference. Its robust performance makes it an ideal choice for large spaces that require frequent, intensive cleaning.

2. Drainvac Turbo Central Vacuum System
The Drainvac Turbo is designed for homes up to 12,000 square feet and delivers 900 air watts of power, 145 CFM, and 160 inches of water lift. This model is particularly noted for its easy installation process, taking less than 20 minutes to set up. It also features a hybrid system that can operate either bagged or bagless, providing flexibility and ease of use. With high suction power and maximum filtration, it is perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

3. DrainVac Twin Turbo Central Vacuum System
For even larger homes, ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 square feet, the DrainVac Twin Turbo is a powerhouse, offering 1436 air watts, 148 CFM, and an impressive 221 inches of water lift. Despite its high performance, it operates quietly at only 63dB. Like the Turbo, it also has a hybrid system for bagged or bagless use and is designed to double the life expectancy of typical central vacuum motors due to its rugged durability.

How to Choose the Right Central Vacuum System

When shopping for “central vacuums for sale,” consider the following factors to ensure you choose the best system for your home:

  • Size of Your Home: The size and layout of your home will determine the power and capacity you need in a vacuum system.
  • Type of Flooring: Different vacuums are better suited to different floor types. Make sure the system you choose has the appropriate attachments and power settings for your flooring.
  • Additional Features: Look for features that will enhance your cleaning experience, such as HEPA filters for improved air quality, or noise-reduction technology for quieter operation.

Where to Find Central Vacuums for Sale

For a comprehensive selection of central vacuums, consider visiting specialized retailers like Think Vacuums. These retailers offer a wide range of models from top brands, along with expert advice and installation services. You can also find great deals and promotions, including the use of discount codes such as THINKVIP for additional savings.


With models like the Drainvac Viper, Turbo, and Twin Turbo, the central vacuum market has something to offer for homes of all sizes. Understanding your needs and the features of each system can help you make the best purchase decision, ensuring your home remains clean and healthy. Visit your preferred central vacuum retailer today to explore the best “central vacuums for sale” and find the perfect fit for your home cleaning needs.

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