How to Level Up Fast in COD

Call of Duty is a timeless first-person shooter with plenty of cosmetics that can be unlocked only by levelling up. These unique cosmetics are often locked behind levels. You should buy Call of Duty accounts for your friends or family and use these methods to level up. So, if you want to get unique COD weapons skins, perks as well as other cosmetics you can level up your account quickly using unique techniques and strategies. Some of these cosmetics can even provide gameplay advantages to players. Let’s discuss these strategies in this article: 

1. Focus on Objective:

In Call of Duty, consider playing objective-based modes such as Domination, Hardpoint, and Search and Destroy to get high XP rewards. These modes encourage you to capture points, hold positions, and complete specific tasks, which provide substantial experience points. Instead of chasing kills, complete these objectives to get significant XP boosts.

 2. Use a Variety of Weapons

Call of Duty has a ton of COD weapons to use for all kinds of players but sticking to one weapon can limit your COD XP potential. Each weapon has its own set of challenges that grant XP upon completion. COD points also help in levelling up your COD weapons and COD points price has been pretty good lately. Use this opportunity to experiment with different guns and try to complete as many weapon challenges as possible and simultaneously get better at each weapon as well.

3. Utilize Double XP Events and Tokens

There are frequent Double XP weekends and events hosted by Activision, which can double the experience points you earn in each match. Keep an eye on the game’s official announcements and take full advantage of these events to get double the amount of COD XP.

4. Play with a Squad

You should team up with your friends or just join a squad to enhance your gameplay experience and get more XP by winning. Coordinated teams tend to perform better, completing objectives more effectively. This teamwork can lead to higher match scores and more COD XP. Moreover, some Call of Duty titles offer squad-based bonuses that further increase your XP earnings.

5. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

Call of Duty gives daily and weekly challenges that offer extra XP when completed. Some common examples of these challenges are getting kills with a specific weapon or winning in a certain game mode. If you want to regularly earn XP, you should aim to complete these tasks daily and weekly tasks. Not only do you get COD XP this way, but you will have a change in gameplay as well, making it unique and engaging.

6. Leverage Score streaks and Killstreaks

Using score streaks and killstreaks effectively can significantly increase your XP per match. Equip streaks that you can achieve consistently and that contribute to your team’s success. Getting multiple kills with a single streak or using support streaks can add to your XP tally. Practice using these streaks to maximize their impact on your gameplay and your XP gains.

7. Use XP Boosts from Battle Passes

Purchasing a Battle Pass can provide additional XP boosts and rewards. These passes often include tier-based rewards that give extra XP tokens and other items that can aid in leveling up faster. If you’re committed to the game, investing in a Battle Pass can be a valuable tool for accelerating your progression.


Call of Duty is a famous first-person shooter, providing players with unlockable cosmetics that require leveling up. To quickly and consistently gain XP gamers can follow true and tested methods such as focusing on objective-based game modes, playing Double XP events, completing daily and weekly challenges and more. Implementing these techniques will assist gamers in levelling up their account.

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